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We are a nationwide company certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 for qualified pest control, hygiene measures and sale of pest control and disinfection articles. Profit from more than 30 years' experience in pest control!




How we can help you

  • Problem analysis:
    Individual problem analysis, inspection, advice, identification
  • Solutions:
    Expert advice on pest control and prevention
  • Monitoring:
    Monitoring of the bait stations
  • Ecological pest control:
    Effective and ecological control measures
  • Action report and specifications:
    Detailed reports after every completed order according to DIN ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP guidelines
  • Inspections:
    Automatic inspection intervals after prior announcement
  • Emergency service:
    Fastest response to pest discovery

Bundled competence

News: Vermin meets Kuwait

Bielefeld™s know-how for Kuwaiti pest controllers


VERMIN is looking forward to the exciting international cooperation with Kuwaiti business partners in the construction of their pest control sector facility management company. The exchange of expertise, the training of Kuwaiti employees and the use of German products is at the forefront of the partnership. Kuwaiti employees will attend as a guest and study in Germany, what means a professional pest control but also German employees are turned over at times in Kuwait work to pass their knowledge and help with the construction. This is going to be a thrilling time for VERMIN. We are pleased about the partnership.

Cooperate in future: The company VERMIN Bielefeld and her Kuwaiti business partners. Look in the picture from left to right: Interpreter Simo Chentouf, Jochen Kopietz (General Manager of VERMIN-Bielefeld), Mohammad F. Al-Saqabi (company founder of VERMIN Kuwait), Hans-Joachim Kopietz (company founder of VERMIN-Bielefeld) and business Development Consulter Naser Y. Al Shamlan.

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